Top Wysiwyg Web Builders

Have you been looking for a affordable, user friendly web builder to build your small business or personal website? Then is your answer. With a complete drag and drop, WYSIWYG interface enabling you to have total control of your website from color schemes to layouts to uploading your media, all without having to know HTML code. If you can point and click your mouse, you can build a beautiful website!


Overview of 9 WYSIWYG website builders 

Have you already encountered site builders in your life? Maybe you are even one of the users of some of free WYSIWYG web builders, which you used to make your site, thus, starting an online presence. So it would mean that you have already undergone the hardships of choice and now is using one of those, which suit you the most. However, if you have not done it yet, only wanting to – our WYSIWYG site makers’ article is going to help you out.


Introduction: WYSIWYG website builders – what are those?

WYSIWYG is another name of ‘visual builder’, denoting that the things you do on the screen inside of an interface of a wysiwyg web builder are instantly visible in real time and they will look in the interface of your builder completely the same as they are watched by the eyes of visitors of your site. WYSIWYG is interpreted as ‘What You See Is What You Get’.

Adding the text, picture, form, a video or anything else is easy thanks to drag-and-drop editor, which is the basis of WYSIWYG. So this is the most user-friendly add-on on the market of web creating services, allowing anyone who’s interested in making a site to come and make it. The appearance of WYSIWYG site makers has turned the market that was previously restricted only to a few high-skilled people proficient in coding and working with pictures into an open one, where potentially any dweller of planet Earth with Internet access and a PC can come and create a site in a matter of minutes or hours. Sometimes, the hardest tasks take days – not weeks or months, as they used to take in the past with people’s involvement. 


Delving into characteristics of WYSIWYG website builders

  1. Description of a website builder Wix

This tool has been on a market for a while – and tens of millions of sites were created using it. It is powerful in the number of templates it offers, ease of work, and the possibility to edit pictures through a third-party visual editor. You can start a blog with adjustable comment section using this WYSIWYG site maker, along with sites from dozens of other industries.



  1. You are offered in this WYSIWYG software more than 500 templates (and some of them even not lookalike) the same easily as you can start making your webpage from scratch using a WYSIWYG builder.

  2. There are many tools to make a site running powerfully, smooth, and adjusted to your requests.

  3. HTML editing is possible.



  1. Not too high creative freedom in this WYSIWYG website builder, as it will forbid you to move elements farther than they are prescribed by the template, the same as you won’t be able to set just any color of your background, font or a form.

  2. Not all sites this WYSIWYG site maker does are automatically mobile-responsive. Some must be handled additionally to make them look seamless on every screen.

  3. There are no visitor stats made by Wix; instead, you are offered to integrate with Google Analytics.

  4. If you’re interested in a great and fast work, buy an expensive fast PC and connect to the broadest Internet connection, as otherwise, things will be really slow for you, up to irritation.


The pricing model:

If you’re interested in an e-commerce site in this WYSIWYG web editor, then be ready to pay from 17 to 35 American dollars in order to sell online. Four other options of subscribing are allowed for you for $4.50, $8.50, $12.50, and $24.50. Be aware that this WYSIWYG site maker heavily pushes its users to upgrade to costlier subscription plans, and that’s why in the plan for $4.50 you will have sites with embedded commercial banners all over, highly intrusive and taking a lot of internet traffic.


  1. Description of a website builder Weebly

Get unlimited storage and number of pages limited with only your imagination, SSL and custom domain name, powerful business with everything one can want to make a store running and money gaining. It is easy to work with, and the e-store launched with this WYSIWYG site maker is going to be of great power.



  1. Availability of a plan of free subscription in the WYSIWYG website editor, which renews every month, not pushing you too heavily to upgrade.

  2. The code of the site can be downloaded, so offline editing and even moving between the domains is now not a problem.

  3. The app center allows you to easily integrate dozens of valuable features with your site.


Disadvantages of this tool:

  1. WYSIWYG web design site maker does not work equally well on all territories of the world, so probably, sites that are hosted by it will also not open on these territories.

  2. It is oriented mostly at sales, so don’t expect a powerful outcome for any other type of site to be made in this WYSIWYG site maker. 

  3. There is no ‘Undo’ button and every change you make automatically goes live. So it means if you mess up big, you won’t be able to undo. Although, if you will work carefully, the auto-saving option may seem a good thing economizing your time.

  4. There is no possibility to reuse the already downloaded picture – you will have to duplicate it over and over if you will want to use it in another page or location.


Pricing model:

Get a domain in its starting plan already – for 5 Euros a month only. But that’s not even the lowest money – you can run it safely for no cost at all in a free subscription. Opting for e-commerce type of sites, you can have them in the range from 10 to 30 Euros a month, receiving the frankly powerful web-store solution, comparable to market leaders (like Shopify, Big Commerce, and uKit). 


  1. Description of a website builder Squarespace

Squarespace WYSIWYG site builder creates the best webpages on the market, thoroughly soaked with the visual beauty and smoothness of act.



  1. Free SSL.

  2. Astounding payment gateway to connect you to the vastness of currencies and payment systems, including Apple Pay.

  3. You aren’t limited to only one template for your entire site – in this WYSIWYG website builder, you can use over 1.

  4. Adobe Image Editor is going to help you out to make visually perfect pictures, changing them the same easily as you create your website using a WYSIWYG builder.



  1. Editing is restricted so you won’t get too far in your oeuvre and not mess up the beauty of pages conceived by the Squarespace’s designers.

  2. It is not super powerful for mobile versions of sites – they are created automatically but you hardly can change any of them.

  3. If you hate Apple products and prefer Android to them – maybe, for you, it is better to opt for uKit as the power over the visual beauty of Squarespace.


Pricing model:

It offers 4 plans, where 3 are for e-commerce and only one of which is destined for other types of websites. When paid for the year, the cost of the first three is going to be 18, 26, and 40 dollars (otherwise, in a month-to-month basis, they are 26, 30, and 46). And the standalone option for ‘the rest of sites’ is going to be $12 or $16. In the 18-dollar plan, you are paying 3% transaction sales fee, which is completely eliminated in the rest two e-commerce offers. This tool is almost as powerful for sales as Shopify or BigCommerce, as it supports over 100 currencies of the world (through Stripe and PayPal payment gateways) and smooth sales in the same number of territories.


  1. Description of a website builder Shopify

Shopify WYSIWYG website builder is one of the easy ones to create a store and pack it with a simply unthinkable number of abilities, including loads of third-party apps, add-ons, and widgets to smoothly integrate. You will be surprised with its powers for e-commerce: that’s what this WYSIWYG website builder is really good for. 



  1. It is easy and powerfully to do any kind of e-commerce site and even the one, which does not include the store (but it will be of poorer quality than the store, as it is a specialized tool).

  2. You aren’t limited to the number of products to sell, pages to have, bandwidth, and other things – sell as many as you want.

  3. It is incredibly easy to set up any number of add-ons and tools to use, as well as to manage inventory in a bulk.



  1. We aren’t sure about all sites that are created by this WYSIWYG website builder but it itself doesn’t work in some territories of Earth (the most part of other builders works, though).

  2. Very big pricing compared to other WYSIWYG website builders but this tool has reached perfection in every aspect of its work to deliver its clients only the best in e-commerce for such hefty money.

  3. It charges you commissions as big as from 2.4% to nearly 5% depending on a number of factors and their combination.


Pricing model:

There are three subscription plans: $29 a month open for you the store, $79 a month fill it with much greater power (including better discounts in shipping and commissions), and $299 a month give you the entire power you can dream of. There are also two auxiliary plans: for 9 bucks a month, you can sell on Facebook, not actually having own separate store, only the Facebook-based one. The Messenger, in this case, will be the platform to communicate with your customers about the merchandise. And in ‘Shopify Plus’, you can make a custom payment system, suitable for specifically large sales (with the commission and other preferences).


  1. Description of a website builder Strikingly

This WYSIWYG website builder is absolutely easy to use but due to the implementation of this simplicity, it lacks basic functionality – it is very hard to make separate pages. So, basically, one-page websites are available, which cuts off a large chunk of potential users, for whom having a big website with multiple pages is a need-to-have necessity.



  1. You can edit CSS, HTML, and JS (in the highest-cost plan).

  2. You can reuse images that were uploaded before.



  1. You can’t make multiple pages (at least, easy, and within the model of this WYSIWYG website builder, not resorting to bypasses or upgrading to ‘Pro’ plan). This is good for landing pages, though.

  2. The low-paid version of subscription won’t eliminate Strikingly branding on your pages.

  3. Due to the peculiar construction of a WYSIWYG website builder, you have to constantly switch between the editor of the template and different sections of your one-page website, which annoys.

  4. You are limited in every subscription plan unless you are opting for the highest-cost one.

  5. A confusing pricing model, which changes in its compound as you switch among pages with different terms of subscription.


Pricing model:

You can use a free subscription for as long as you’re interested in. You will be limited in bandwidth and the type of website you can create, as well as the number of products per 1 site. Upgrading to ‘Limited’ for 7…12 dollars a month (depending on the length of subscription), you will be given broader possibilities in the number of products per site and better bandwidth. Opting for ‘Pro’ for $11.20…$20, you will access to what most WYSIWYG website builders offer initially: unlimited bandwidth, pages, free domain, app store, removal of branding, site search, better work on visualizing the themes, and more. Basically, these things you get in Wix for $4.50 a month or in uKit for $3.50 a month (in a yearly subscription). But Wix and uKit tend to give you also much more in a basic subscription, which spans really farther than even Strikingly’s VIP plan for $34.40…$49 a month, which adds to the mentioned only e-mail marketing, account management, and a little bit more products to sell.


  1. Description of a website builder BigCommerce

BigCommerce WYSIWYG website builder is an approachable alternative to Shopify. They work so closely similar that it is not expedient to describe anything from the work of BigCommerce if you have previously read about Shopify. So we will tell you about the major differences only:

  • BigCommerce limits you in annual sales – 50, 150 or 400 thousand dollars a year, depending on your subscription, while Shopify does not.

  • BigCommerce won’t take a commission for transactions (unless you’re opting for one of the exotic payment gateways mentioned in the description of its tariff plans)

  • It has enterprise plan, which is nice to use if you want minor changes to the features of the website or to apply for a custom yearly sales limitation (which still makes Shopify a better option, as it does not have limits).


Advantages of this software:

  1. Does not have a commission for sales.

  2. Unlimited space for hosting, number of pages, channels of sales, products, bandwidth in all subscription plans.



  1. Limits in annual sales.

  2. If you happen to need the refund, you cannot receive it, as everything you pay is non-refundable.

  3. The templates for the sites in this WYSIWYG website builder all look the same and not too professional – so you will have either to work hard to tune up the selected theme or to resort to the work of a pro to make it.

  4. The apps you use for your website are going to cost you extra money, so you won’t go too far in improving your site.


Pricing model:

It looks pretty close to Shopify’s one: $29.95 a month for basic, $79.95 a month for broadened version, and $249.95 a month for advanced. You can also make an ‘Enterprise’ solution if you need to change anything in your subscription or to use many apps. In annual subscription, you get -10% for 2 costliest plans (not applied to the first one).


  1. Description of a website builder IM Creator

The peculiarity of this WYSIWYG website builder is that it won’t allow you to have multiple pages on your website but instead, it gives you 1 long page, divided into sections, which you can split by menu to move your visitors to one of the needed sections. It is inconvenient to build. Also, it is the absolutely poor solution for SEO and analyzing the traffic of your visitors (as you can’t tell, which page they liked more – as there are no pages on a site). This is basically a good solution for landings only – but that’s the only thing you can get from this site builder.



  1. Nice for landing pages.

  2. There is a free subscription but it is too limited to speak about anything professionally.

  3. You can use some SEO tools that are allowed by this WYSIWYG website builder but all your efforts will be limited due to the feature of this WYSIWYG website builder that we’ve described above.



  1. It limits you in nearly everything – unless you’re opting for the highest-cost plan for $350 a year (in this case, it’ll remove the branded ad banners, which are otherwise inherent to any subscription plans).

  2. It lacks comprehensible planning for most users, who do not care about having a ‘White Label’ option.

  3. The system of building sections is of type of ‘Lego blocks’, which is annoying and not understandable to most users of WYSIWYG website builders.

  4. It is impossible to move or change the objects on the page.


Pricing model:

The free usage will give you 0.05 Gb hosting space, limited bandwidth, no unbranded site, and no e-mails to attach (unless you have one and can indicate it on the site). The Premium for $5.95…$9.95 a month (depending on the length of the subscription period) is going to give you unlimited hosting and bandwidth, premium support and the free-name domain. But it won’t remove branding. For $350 a year, you receive the removal of branding and a possibility of ‘White Label’ – to make and sell sites to clients (if you have ones) under your  name.


  1. Description of a website builder Jimdo

This is a very outdated WYSIWYG website builder, which was started at the beginning of the 2000s and seems like it still left there. When browsing through its templates, it is easy to believe that today is not 2019 but 20 years back – the large part of them seems outdated and not corresponding to what is considered beautiful today. It is also quite expensive – the first not-free plan starts right from 9 Euros a month (compared to $4.50 in Wix and $3.50 in uKit), doubling the price of modern competitors to this WYSIWYG website builder.



  1. It gives nice SEO capabilities. 

  2. It is easy to use if you can find a not-outdated template to start with. But it has only basics in making a website, having no advanced powers.



  1. Outdated.

  2. It is impossible to scale up your business with such a poor WYSIWYG website builder.

  3. The online store is present but it is not of power.

  4. Support leaves a lot to be desired.

  5. Templates are poorly flexible.

  6. You can’t pay for a month – only for 1 year.

  7. There is nearly no integration capabilities, only some, a few.


Pricing model:

There is a free plan, which is going to give you the branded-name domain. €9 a month give you the possibility to connect your domain and remove the branding. €15 a month add to this a possibility to receive help, work with SEO, and see visitors stats. For €19 a month, you get the (poorly looking) online store, and for €39 a month, only now you get freed from limitations in space and bandwidth, better support and better templates. So, basically, for 39 Euros a month you get things that are inherent to starting plans of most WYSIWYG website builders. All in all – this is a bad solution.


  1. Description of uKit

This WYSIWYG web builder is designed to give valuable advantages to its users. It is equally good for personal, business, and e-store options, with many astounding templates, which look the same appealing as the ones in Squarespace. It is great for blogging, it is cheap yet efficient and you can start a blog right away to have the power of your business to grow at early stages. 



  1. Over 200 great categorized templates to choose from at the start in this best wysiwyg web builder.

  2. SSL, mobile friendliness, SEO, HTTPS, advanced user stats at the beginning, a possibility to edit HTML, the absence of branded ads, simplicity of customization, and loads of other things – already in the lowest-cost plan, which makes it a better solution than other WYSIWYG website builders.

  3. It is extremely easy to use even if you don’t know any coding. But if you will – you can get into.

  4. Vast connection to Google tools (map, analytics, console) to savor more technical power and index your site straight away.

  5. Online store powered by Ecwid and its own built-in solution, and Live Chat makes it possible to communicate with your customers.

  6. Only $14.85 for a ‘.com’ site.

  7. Many nice out-of-the-box tools like online calculator, table sheets, an analysis tool to get to know your SEO (to know how good the site for promotion is before you get to it), and service tools.

  8. Integration with AmoCRM.



  1. The user support in this best WYSIWYG works in different business hours from the UK or the US, so their answers can take a while.

  2. Weekly (not daily) automatic backups (but they do have a manual option of it, so if things go wrong, you can easily restore it).


The pricing model:

$3.50 a month for basic in this best WYSIWYG website builder, $7 a month for the improved access, $8.40 for almost maximal power (this option starts a web store), and $10.50 a month for incredible possibilities of everything, including code insertion and making your own palettes.


Conclusion and thoughts about WYSIWYG website builders

We have now considered 9 good options of WYSIWYG website builders to save your time on searches online and making your testing. Our personal impression about the tools is that it is wise to consider these WYSIWYG website builders like this: top-rated uKit first, then Squarespace, Wix, and then – the rest of them. Almost each has own web store of decent quality (Shopify and BigCommerce are specifically tuned to make only e-stores).

However, none of the website builders we are considering in this article is an open source website builder WYSIWYG. They all protect their codes from intrusion and some of them even forbid to download contents of the entire site to avoid code leakage. If you need open-source solutions, then check out these editors: Pell, OpenWYSIWYG, TinyMCE, Summernote, or Froala. 

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